I nearly forgot to write today, and me doing so well so far on my monthly challenge. Today is the last day of school before the midterm week of holidays and it’s a teacher-dress-up day for hallowe’en so I spent the morning working on my “Pop Art makeup” which turned out pretty good, though there were elements I might improve if I do it again in the future.

So, all well. I received some nice comments from peers and students alike – it’s nice when you make an effort with something that’s a little obscure and then you can have that frisson of recognition with those who get what you were trying to do. Oh. Is that in-group /out-group-ism? I’m actually not about all that “nahnah, you don’t get it!” I wish everyone got the joke, but I’ve a bit of a tendency to veer towards the unusual in my personal interests and hobbies and so I get a bit of a “giddy excitement” thing when it resonates with someone else.

But holidays! Oh my goodness, it feels necessary. I know, I know, I say that part of the reason for choosing teaching as my Career no. 2 is the holidays. A large part. But it’s for more reasons than just the positives the holidays bring, it’s because without them I couldn’t sustain the life or workload that’s required. I said that before to my Dad and he was all “other people in other jobs do it” … but! Now, that might well be true for him and his (now retired) career as a doctor, but his job nearly killed him with the stress and intensity of it, plus he was remunerated at a much higher rate than teachers are. My experience working in industry is much different. One might be working more days out of the year, but the amount of work that’s actually completed in a given 8 hour period is significantly less than what I do now. Plus homework, prep-work, CPD, etc. etc. etc.

But I’m not here to do the “My job is harder than your job” dance. It’s not. It’s differently hard. And with different perks and downsides. I have chosen to go into teaching and sustained a career in it over 7 years so far, so it must have something going for it. However, I know that if my holidays were curtailed it would stop being worth it to me, and I’m in the fortunate position of having options. And despite the fact that my programming qualifications were already out of date a year after I left the industry, I think those options won’t actually ever go away. I feel pretty sure that it wouldn’t take all that long to get up to speed on required technology if I felt that were the path that best suited me.

And maybe I wouldn’t go backwards. Maybe I would go onwards to a different career instead. A third career? Why not. I’m determined to live for a thousand years after all.

It’s a moot point all the same. Right here, right now things are going just fine.

A bunch of people were interviewing for what we call and “AP Post” (Assistance Principal). It’s not like deputy principal – we have three of those! But it’s a post of responsibility – usually for the head of year and those kinds of jobs. I’ve never gone for interview for one – I’ve never even considered it, in fact.

They say (whoever “they” are) that once you’re actually interested in holding such a post you’d better get your interview suit on well in advance as the act of interviewing and showing an interest in the job is just part of the whole package of applying for it.

I find the whole idea tremendously unappealing, I have to say. Sure enough, you do gain some timetabled time for the tasks, but I imagine the scope of the work is well beyond what’s given to you in your timetable.

Also, the politics.

Every time one of these positions comes up I hear nothing but stories of how you have to dance to the specific expected steps of our school. I question exactly how much of that is true. I know of one person who claims they’ll never get such a post for political reasons, but … I have to say I find that very person quite difficult to work with, and maybe that plays into it?

I don’t really know, of course, and I guess I don’t really care in the long run: I’d never want to belong to a club that would have someone like me as a member.