Unwinding the day from here…

It’s just over an hour left before midnight and the end of the day and I’m writing here rather later than I’d anticipated. I think I just kept waiting for that peaceful time of aloneness, and it never came. Even right now, Twin 1 in awake in the bed beside me. I worry about the fallout from his lack of sleep tomorrow, but maybe I should wait for tomorrow to carry its own burdens.

Twin 2 took himself off to bed a couple of hours ago. He’s surprisingly good at heading down to sleep for the night, and a reading of Oh! The Places You’ll Go! had him mesmerised and adorable before he curled over on his side and was out like a light.

We got home late from Warpcon’s opening in any case, with freezing rain pelting down and the frantic scramble to get everyone and everything in the door and get the dogs back out the door in an organised enough fashion that nothing got too wet and no territorial spaniels escaped unleashed to terrify passersby in the dark gloomy weather.

It was a successful enough decanting, aided by Twin 2s determination to find a torch and then stay by my side. The evening then proceeded into bedclothes and snacks and iPads and twenty million questions a-piece.

Meanwhile the whole house stinks of the death of some unknown mouse soldier in the walls of one of rooms. I’m actually currently voting for it having crawled into a vent and died, maybe in the bathroom. The smell is definitely most pervasive over at that side. But I can’t seem to escape it. I guess lighting something scented would be a thing to do. I know it will only lie like a fruity shroud, lightly surrounding the death-stench, but even that would be preferable to bearing it raw like this.

And there’s nothing to do but wait until it’s decomposed to the point at which it doesn’t smell anymore. It will probably start to get more tolerable in about 5 days, and somewhere before two weeks have passed I expect to not really be giving it much thought anymore.

Well, that’s old houses with overgrown gardens, isn’t it?

Our Warpcon evening itself was definitely filled with magic and excitement. The twins are finally old enough to play (“play”) some simplified-rules-version board-games and even a tailor-made RPG or two courtesy of their father. And they really do love it. They’ve been there every year since conception pretty much – and in a very present form too, given the size of me less than two weeks before giving birth to them five years back.

…Okay apparently I stopped there for a while for a flashback. Not quite sure how long I was gone for, but I’m inclined to leave the past five years gone and stay in the current day…

I always enter into the Friday night of Warpcon with a sense of excitement and possibility and then leave a little cold and bored and feeling my usual sense of displacement. It’s probably down to the fact that I’m tailing two increasingly wired and becoming tired young people behind me and expecting them to tolerate the boring exchanges of adults. And the fact that most people don’t turn up until we’ve passed the point it was sensible to keep them out.

Today was actually not so rotten at all – we left before they passed the point of no return, and that point has shifted considerably later in the past year anyway. And I really enjoyed the chance to play a game we’d purchased as a family together.

Stuff has basically scooted a hell of a lot closer to my expectations. Which is good seeing as my expectations don’t seem to be showing any chance of changing.

Meanwhile, earlier …

There was school and school was fine and I’ve spent most of the day winding upwards to feeling like I’m starting a holiday. I need to remind myself that midterm isn’t for another two weeks.

But I’m still sick and that’s sickening. My sinuses are painful and blocked and my appetite has no idea what it’s doing. I’m feeling mildly nauseated during most any meals and it’s not doing much good for the resolution I made to pay attention to how I’m truthfully feeling when I’m eating as I force myself to eat something at somewhat regular intervals because I know intellectually it will make me feel better in the longer run.

And back to now.

I’m tired and will probably be asleep within five minutes of posting this.

That’s it. Day 1 down.