It’s day two of doing writing on my phone with a Bluetooth keyboard and here are some thing I’ve discovered:

  • I feel a bit irritated by the small screen, especially if I want to work on some detailed formatting where my fingers are a little large for the exact area I want to press and the phone sometimes picks up a “click” in a slightly different area of the screen than the one I intended.
  • I wish I could “alt-tab” between open applications. This morning I was doing a little book-writing and I found I sometimes wanted to look something up to help me come up with a name, or to open my document of notes and find decisions I’d previously made about the world, or to add to it. I wonder if there actually are some keyboard shortcuts that I can use with the Bluetooth keyboard that would allow me to do this – I actually feel irrationally confident that this must be the case. I really hope it is, because I think I would find it pretty irritating to attempt to create a test or something like that given the current set-up.
  • The screen size bugs me in the area of functionality, but once I’m doing nothing more complicated than typing it doesn’t actually bother me that much. The keyboard size and usability is a far more important factor to me.
  • That said, I still wish that formatting keyboard shortcuts would work. Even on a full scale laptop or computer I would always prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to perform the majority of functionality that would make most people switch to the mouse, and I’m feeling forced into a different paradigm working with the phone-keyboard set-up.

But I’ll keep going with it for at least (arbitrary number incoming) 10 days. I feel like after 10 days I’ll have spent at least a week back at school and will most certainly have had to create a document or test or two.

Hmm… it occurs to me that I don’t know how to print or scan from phone or iPad. I’m sure a solution exists.