I’m not sure about writing in the mornings anymore. Here’s what’s going on for me: It’s my favourite time to write, I like to take some time to boot up before I face into the day, I think it has some benefits for my mood across the whole day, if I don’t write in the morning I’m pretty unlikely to make the time later in the days, but …. if the kids are up and talking to me it’s really distracting and unenjoyable and I feel like huge chunks of the benefits I get are cut right out.

So. Get up before the kids? Sure. I mean, I’ve tried that before, but they seem to get up earlier and earlier as we reach towards Summer. It’s frustrating, because that’s when it becomes easier for me to get up a tiny bit earlier too. And as term drags on and we get weeks into school mornings I lose some of my motivation for waking up in enough time to both write and get myself (let alone them!) ready to go.

So maybe I should adjust myself to writing in the evening. Maybe that would be good – after they’re gone to bed and I’m tired and brain-dead and I don’t want to get up and tidy the kitchen or do anything of any use. Maybe I should sleep ‘til the last possible moment on school days and then have more energy throughout the rest of the day. Would I? Does my energy work like that? I’m not even sure it does.

Or maybe, yes, get up all early in the morning and do the annoying tidying and shit then? I don’t expect I’ll feel hugely more like doing it then than I do now.

Well, whatever I do I think I should make a definite decision to try something out and push through whatever discomfort that arises. Like, if I decide to stick with mornings, I’ve got to make that work – whether it’s being more firm with children or moving myself or use getting used to dealing with the constant frustrating interruptions, or what. Yeah. That last one is not going to happen. Even just visualising it raised my shoulders up around my ears. Or else, move to evenings and try out something different in the mornings, and set an alarm or whatever in the evenings and make that happen.

For now I think I’m going to try out the latter. Just for a change, like. I’m afternoon-writing today as 30 minutes spent in frustrated writing this morning achieved about 200 words on my story and I really didn’t enjoy the experience at all. So I might try and pick it up tonight for 20 or 30 minutes and see how that goes. Of course I’ve technically got my “words” done for the day here, so I don’t have to.

I question the 750 words thing. At times I think it’s a bit too rigid, but then at other times I reckon it’s given me the push I’ve needed to go past just “phoning it in” on my habit of writing something most days.

Let’s try this one small change though. Everything doesn’t have to get done all at once. Less overwhelm. More try and see. More “oh this part is life too”.

I will.