Today is supposed to be an exciting day with many things happening. The first thing on my list didn’t happen though. I’ve been expecting back-payment that I was approved for a month ago and it’s not here yet. Fair enough, it’s still early days, but it’s at the point where I think the reasonable adult thing to do is to ring up payroll and check on the status of it. Y’know, just in case anything’s gotten mixed up. And because if they tell me “Oh that will take six months to process” then I’ll be okay with that, but it will allow us to make the appropriate plans.

Well, I was paid the normal amount all the same so I’ll be able to do a bit of clothes shopping this weekend because I’ve reached the point where my “fat” clothes aren’t cutting it for work. They’re not covering my belly, and the other stuff I have is too Summery and I’m actually cold. During my twin pregnancy I was never cold and I had kind of expected things to go the same way this time, but I’m actually freezing quite a lot of the time. I think it’s coz of the constant exhaustion.

The next big thing from today is the potential arrival of the first physical copy of G.’s book! I suspect it will take longer to cross the Irish Sea than a single day however, so in all likelihood we’ll be disappointed on that front too.

Next is a promised oil delivery. We (by which I mean, I) determined that we could surely get to the end of September without getting heating oil. But the cold snap of the last week has shown the lie in that thought and we’ve been waiting all week for the oil company to deliver. Our heating oil appears to be unnaturally expensive and only lasts for about three months at a time, so I’m trying to make us be more frugal around our heating usage. Like, we’ve a tendency to make the house warm enough in Winter to wander around in teeshirts. I think that’s unnecessary! I think we should feel the seasons. That said, we probably shouldn’t feel them in our bones.

New table is also coming today. Excitement.

New table was bought in the projected expectation of it not being all that long ’til my incoming payment. There’s a stress in the back of my head that it won’t work out and something will go wrong despite the two letters I have granting me this money. It’s one of the advantages to working in the public sector – once you have the entitlement to something you will (eventually) get it. Everything is so much more secure than the private section or working for yourself where everything can fall apart in an instant.

Finally, we’re going out this evening! There’s a live streaming of Ian McKellen’s King Lear to the cinema near to us and yay! off go us with my niece to babysit our noisy, non-stop talking, non-stop moving, non-stop needing children.

So that’s the day – okay, it’s not all that exciting, but given the usual expectations of same-old, same-old it constitutes excitement for us.

I went to see my GP yesterday – she wanted to follow up after the previous, rather emotional visit 2.5 weeks ago. She listened into bubble baby, checked blood-pressure and uterus position, gave me flu and whooping cough vaccines, took blood to check iron, b12 and thyroid, and was generally reassuring at me.

I told her about the tired, and she agreed it *could* be low iron, but it might just be being 41 and pregnant. The good news is that I might start to manage it better as I get more used to coping with my high emotions and anxiety and just being back at work in general. But then again it might not. And if it doesn’t get better, or – more importantly – if I reach the point where I’m not coping with it – then we might be looking at an early sign off from work.

Well, you know me and how lazy I am – I’d be all for the early sign off from work! If it weren’t for the fact that I’d hate leaving stuff undone. I already feel a bit panicky at the thought of leaving on my planned date.

Hey, anyway, that stuff’s all talk for the future. I’m just going to deal with each week as it comes. It’s not too crazy long ’til the midterm break and that pretty much splits the remaining working time in two.

Like Bonjovi, I’ll be … 7/8ths of the way there?